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Low carbon leather trends 2018/5/16 16:19:40

Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Action Plan for Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds in Key Industries” and clearly stated that 11 industries such as footwear, synthetic leather, and furniture were listed as key industries that need to accelerate the reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The ministries and commissions have successively issued relevant policies to set clear emission reduction requirements for volatile organic emissions of many industries, including footwear.


China is the world's largest producer of leather products, and the leather industry has been criticized for its large amount of pollutants and complex sewage components. According to "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products-Furniture", leather and artificial leather raw materials are implemented in HJ507, which is the "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Leather and Synthetic Leather". This technology requires a clear limit on the content of heavy metals such as formaldehyde and cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic contained in leather.


Ministry of Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining said that the country’s high standards for water pollution and air pollution and strict law enforcement have become the norm. The leather and footwear industry has brought new challenges in technological transformation and cleaner production, but at the same time Further promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading and green development level of China's leather and footwear industry, and will play a positive role in promoting the normative development of the leather and footwear industry.


“The future production enterprises will face more stringent environmental protection requirements. As one of the ten major polluting industries, the tanning industry must adopt new water pollution prevention and control measures.” Chen Jining said that tanning enterprises will be subject to public supervision in order to achieve new Emission standards, extensive use of clean production and energy-saving emission reduction technologies, rapid elimination of those with high energy consumption, high pollution production technology and processes, the construction of low-carbon leather economy has become a general trend.

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