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Where is the future development of artificial leather? 2018/5/16 16:18:57

The most important thing for man-made leather on the road to future development is environmental protection and the Internet, because if it is not good for environmental protection, development is really difficult. The development of the Internet must be able to increase sales and popularity, so we must say To pay attention to these details, the following Weber gave us a one-by-one analysis.


A trend has emerged in recent years: the leather industry is growing faster and faster. However, the leather industry is not as prosperous as the outside world. Affected by the continued declining macroeconomic environment, the overall structure of the Chinese leather industry is undergoing a multidimensional structural adjustment under the control of the state. Many leather manufacturing companies are facing the different fates of transformation, restructuring, or mergers and acquisitions, and as a leather product industry chain. As an important link, the optimization and upgrading of the leather industry has become the key to whether leather enterprises can increase revenue, reduce expenditure, and increase production efficiency.


At present, the total global demand for leather is about 100 million square meters, which is equivalent to the output of 300 million pieces of leather. China's leather output is equivalent to nearly 70 million pieces of standard leather, accounting for 23.33% of the world's leather production. However, in recent years, due to problems such as lack of innovation in the leather industry, weak brand influence, continued rising costs, and insufficient domestic and foreign markets, the economic operation of the Chinese leather industry has continued to decline. According to the statistics of the China Leather Association, total profits of the leather, fur and products and footwear industries above designated size decreased by 2.6% year-on-year from January to October 2016, which is the first decline in total profits of the Chinese leather industry in 18 years.


“The pressure on the upgrade and development of China's leather industry is becoming increasingly pressing. It is necessary to take the supply-side reform as a guideline, optimize the supply structure, expand effective domestic demand, and accelerate technological innovation, product upgrading, adjustment of production models, and market model transformation to improve the quality and effectiveness of industry operations. Health continues to develop," said Su Chaoying, chairman of the China Leather Association. The low position runs normally.


As a traditional labor-intensive industry, the Chinese leather industry has become a world-renowned leather-producing country after more than 30 years of development. In the past 30 years, the leather industry has driven the rapid development of the industry with low cost and export volume growth, but it still lacks competitiveness in independent brands, product innovation and marketing. With the development of economy, this low level of competitive advantage will also be gradually lost. In the future, it is impossible to maintain a double-digit growth, and the low level operation will become the new normal state of the leather industry.


The Industrial Development Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that the growth rate of China's leather industry, such as industrial added value, main business income, and total profit, is not satisfactory. Among them, sales revenue fell 2.1% year-on-year, total profit fell 8.4%, exports fell 10.8%, import growth fell 14%, and imports of finished leather, semi-finished leather and other raw materials fell, indicating slowdown in production sign.


“However, the industry as a whole is in a basically stable state, especially as the automotive industry has a good momentum of development. This will be the bright spot for the growth of the industry in the next five years.” According to Carpenter, companies need to pay attention to this issue, and pay attention to quality, process and cost. effort.


Wei Peipei analysis, at present, China's economy has entered a period of transition, the economic development model from export-driven and investment-driven, to the direction of innovation and consumption-driven change, which brings new challenges and opportunities for the Chinese leather industry. The leather industry needs a large amount of new investment in the process of the transformation from quantitative growth to technological innovation.

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