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Is PU different from artificial leather? 2018/4/29 15:14:36

1, PU is the abbreviation of English poly urethane, chemical Chinese name "Polyurethane". PU leather is a polyurethane skin. Artificial leather is a leather-like plastic product. Generally, a fabric is used as a base, a layer of resin mixture is coated or applied thereon, and then heated to be plasticized, and the product is obtained by rolling and flattening or embossing. Approximate to natural leather, with soft, wear and other characteristics.


2, PVC leather in the manufacturing process must first heat-stirring the plastic particles into a paste, according to the provisions of the uniform thickness of the coating on the base of the knitted fabric, and then into the foaming furnace for foaming, so that it can adapt to production The softness of various products and different requirements requires surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polishing, matting, grinding, etc.) at the same time as the oven is released, mainly according to the specific product requirements.


PU leather is more complicated than PVC leather in the manufacturing process. Because PU's bottom cloth is a canvas PU material with good tensile strength, in addition to coating on the top of the bottom cloth, the bottom cloth can also be included in the middle. The appearance does not see the presence of cloth. PU leather physical properties better than PVC leather, resistance to twists and turns, good softness, tensile strength, permeability (PVC no). The pattern of PVC leather is made by hot pressing of a steel pattern roller; the pattern of PU leather is pressed on the surface of a semi-finished leather with a pattern paper first, and after waiting for cooling, the paper leather is separated, and the surface is made into a surface. deal with. The price of PU leather is more than double that of PVC leather. The price of certain special requirements of PU leather is 2-3 times higher than PVC leather. The pattern paper required for general PU leather can only be scrapped with 4-5 times; the life cycle of patterned roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.


3. The difference between PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather can be distinguished by the method of soaking in gasoline. The method is to use a small piece of fabric and put it in gasoline for half an hour, and then remove it. If it is PVC artificial leather, it will become hard and brittle. If it is PU synthetic leather, it will not become hard and brittle.

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