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What glue is good for leather 2018/4/29 15:09:13

If the 502 is used to bind leather, it will open when it encounters water. 502 These are hard, brittle glues, and they are not water resistant, the leather often bends, there may be sweat, rain, etc., and 502 will soon fail.


Leather is a degraded and non-perishable animal skin obtained through physical and chemical processing such as hair removal and tanning. Leather is composed of natural protein fibers tightly woven in a three-dimensional space. The surface has a special grain layer with natural graininess and luster and a comfortable feel. Bags and bags are collectively referred to as bags. They are the collective name for various bags used to hold things, including general shopping bags, handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, purses, and various trolley cases. Therefore, leather bags are bags made of various kinds of leather. What kind of glue is good for leather bags? How to choose the right leather bag adhesive glue?


The following questions should be confirmed before selection:

1. What is the specific material of leather bags, such as leather, PU leather and other adhesive metals or other materials, if it is difficult to bond materials, leather bags may be used to glue instant glue to achieve the desired bonding effect;

2. The size of the bonding area, if the bonding area is not large, you can choose leather bags instant glue, because it is easy to sizing, and will not cause excessive cost; if the area is too large, the best choice for slow-drying leather Luggage adhesive glue

3. What are the special requirements for bonding, such as the requirement of rapid curing, high strength, aging resistance after bonding, and no whitening, we must choose leather bags instant glue.

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